Costume Designer Zerina Aakers


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Black is King was a true gift to be able to create and make something I loved. To be apart of the history with not only Disney "the Lion King brand" but Beyonce. This came to me at a time I needed to remember who I was. Ultimately find my way back to my family history, myself, and to the light


final sketches by Keama AliceRuth Garrett

Keama AliceRuth Garrett of brand KEÄMA writes, “Everything moved really fast. In August my stylist sister Beoncia Dunn called on a Sunday to see if I could make a dress. [She asked] if I was in the studio and I said, ‘I’m always in the studio. Come over!’ So she told me Zerina wanted a dress !!!!! And that’s when I started sketching and sketching…until Zerina liked the final design. She loves drama and length!! The process went fast. I only had a few days to make the dress because of the intense fast shoot schedule. It was the best call of my life.”  via


The design process gives me time to be free and creative. I always enjoy being able to sew a custom outfit. It gives me time to really listen and connect with the artist. I used to work for David's Bridal back in college and reminded me of the days I use to steam bridal and bridesmaid gowns all day long. - KG


Original Beyonce Sketch

Originally I had to sketch about 20 dresses to find 2-3 that worked out. We decided on the purple dress but here are some original sketches


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