• Keama

Flashback Fridays

It's crazy how smell or taste can send you back in time. On Sunday I was walking through Chinatown and I saw someone holding a fish shaped pastry Tayaki. I immediately asked where did they got that and head in the direction. The place is called Tayaki NYC located on 119 Baxter St. I got the classic with vanilla cream-filled custard with chocolate drizzle and cookie and cream bits. I know right a mouthful!! It sure was delicious!! It took me back to when I was 14 being a Japanese school girl living with the Tashimotos. My host mother Oma and my sister took me to Harajuku where I discovered the cool fashions of Japan. I really fell in love with style and tasted tempura for the first time. This visit really spoke to me as a young child. If your on the LES and it' sunny try a new amazing tasting treat!

The Classic

Top Picture: Harajuku, Bottom Picture: Tempura Palace

Japanese Tea Ceremony


555 8th ave NY, NY 10021