• Keama

Sunday Stroll

Last week I went to the Rock NYC down on the LES. It was quite refreshing. One thing I took from the message is we should are volcanoes not mountains. Sometimes it takes volcanoes years to erupt but when they do. They have a chance to make new land and new islands. Most importantly the soil is fertile which makes it a better place for you to grow. Dealing with New York at first was so chaotic. I let a lot of things and people get to me. I didn't have peace with myself. Since I've been finding peace within myself I have been regaining my energy. Also able to be the best possible me. Also, a song that randomly came on my spotify I gotta find peace of mind by Lauren Hill. She says, "Everyday is another day to get it right." For me everyday is another day to be impeccable with my word. Do not assume anything. Do not take anything personal. Most importantly always try my best!

Jacket: Bill Blass Vintage, Tshirt: Keith Harring from Uniqlo,

Pants: Levi thrifted, Shoes: Snake Huraches


555 8th ave NY, NY 10021