• Keama


SO BLACK PANTHER CAME THRU!!!! WAKANDA FOREVER!!! I seen this movie twice the first time I had to go to see it. The second time I went to really hear the words. I went to the Magic Johnson theatre in Harlem so it was hard to hear the first time to be honest. I thought this movie was needed for the culture. Most times you get tired of slave movies and getting depicted a certain way. To be able to see us as super heroes made a lasting impression. Each of the characters were well thought out and my heart went to everyone. I can see why Killmonger was upset. They killed his father and left him there alone. He probably had to face American foster systems and just being poor. I understood he was mad about his father and wanted revenged. I really didn't want him to die but I totally get what he said at the end where he said bury me in the ocean like my ancestors because they knew it was better to die than to be a captive. I literally got goosebumps at that point and a shiver in my body. T'challa how he was torn from how he was raised and what he knows is right. Then the women in this film were amazing. There was a warrior goddess Okoye who was loyal to her country. She would have done anything to protect the thrown even killing the person she loves the most. Nakia the spy who loved her country but since being a spy she saw the harsh reality of the world. She had the urge to help the world which I think really helped T'challa change. Then we have Princess Shuri who was the intellectual mind behind the technology in Wakanda. Which really showcased you can be great at any age. This movie has started a movement. I can see my people starting to come more and more together to make this movie a reality. WAKANDA FOREVER!


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